Factory Layout

JETT Research has technically consulted for, designed, improved, and restructured jewelry factories around the world. We have developed factories in the USA, China, Thailand, India, Mexico, Central and South America, the Carribean and more.

Based on your products and your needs we will design the type of factory that will maximize your quality and profits. We work with your local architects to ensure the most efficient layout.

We help you choose the right machines for your products. We identify and plan for the special power, water, drainage, exhaust, and safety needs of your equipment.

If the machine or work stations that you need are not available, we will design them for you. We can save you thousands of dollars and a great deal of lost time with our experience.

A few of our project locations:

Decatur, IL      Indianapolis, IN      Seattle, WA      Dallas, TX      Houston, TX      New York, NY      Albuquerque, NM      Fairfield, OH      Chicago, IL

Kolkata, India     Panyu China      Qingdao, China     Hong Kong, PRC     Mumbai, India     Bangkok, Thailand    

Santa Domingo, DR       Cuenca, Ecuador     Guatemala City      Merida, Mexico     Mexico City, Mexico       La Paz, Bolivia